Pressure Booster Pump – VBS Series

Available in

  • Single Phase
  • 0.5 HP and 1.0 HP
  • Single Bathroom Configuration


  • Compact
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy installation
  • Automatic operation
  • Inbuilt Motor protection
  • Robust, Stainless steel
  • Can work even with a UPS
  • Very low noise, below 40 dB
  • Set it and Forget it pressure switch
  • Delivers between 2 – 4 bar (29 – 58 psi) pressure

Suitable For

  • Single bathroom uses

Luxury doesn’t mean Expensive. Our VBS – Series Pressure Booster Pumps are economical, compact, easily installed and the perfect choice for a spa-like shower experience in a single bathroom of your house. Designed with the cost-conscious customer who wants to have the best shower experience at his home, Ventura VBS – Series Pressure Booster Pumps come with the most essential features that truly matter such as Automatic On/Off operation and very low noise, an enjoyable water pressure between 2-4 bars and an ability to work with your home UPS in case of a power failure because Power Cuts should not mean Shower Cuts. Recommended by Architects, Engineers & Plumbers all over


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