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Jet Pumps

Technologically advanced and built to last, Ventura Jet Pumps are equipped with Gunmetal Jet Assembly for long life, Thermal Overload Protector for protecting the motor from too much heat and switching it off when it gets dangerously hot, and Specially designed Cast Iron regulator for regularizing the pressure.

Ventura Jet Pumps are available in both Cast Iron body models and Extruded Aluminium Body models. Ventura Cast Iron model Jet Pumps are the only jet pumps in the market that can also be easily installed and operated either horizontally or vertically depending on the field conditions.

Not only Reliable, Robust, and Reasonably priced, Ventura Jet Pumps are the best solution for lifting water out of 3” and 4” borewells that are too narrow for the regular submersible pumps to be fitted into. Also in coastal areas, the Jet Pumps are a better solution since the water will have salt content in it and it will erode and damage any surface that comes in contact with the water. Therefore, it’ll be cheaper to just replace the jet pump’s jet pipe that is in direct contact with the saltwater when it eventually gets damaged. With this simple replacement of the jet pipes, your Ventura Jet Pump will be as good as new. But if a traditional submersible pump is installed in a coastal area with saltwater, then the entire pump and motor combination will get heavily damaged and thus the replacement costs will be very high as the whole pump and motor will need to be replaced after some time.

Ventura Jet Pumps are not only economical in saltwater areas but also highly efficient with 10% power savings compared to other brands in the market.